Mutual Aid - Donate Gender Affirming Underwear to a Trans Person in Need

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Looking to help a trans person in need have comfortable, gender affirming underwear? 

Donate here and we'll create something for someone on our list of folks in need, which can be applied to here:


As a business, we typically operate with little to no profit on a monthly basis, so donations help cover cost of materials, shipping, and labor in order to product these items made to order for folks in need. Wide cut panties are $35, Gaff cut are $38, and Packing boxers are $55. Shipping usually runs between $5-10 depending on end destination. The person receiving the underwear selects styles, sizes, and cuts that they're after, and we make the item for them based on these guidelines.         

This program will run entirely on donations from folks such as yourself and ourselves, as we're able to create things for folks, so this will have a direct impact on someone in need! If our amount of donations exceed our list of folks in need, we'll keep a few banked for emergencies and then partner with a larger charity for donation of the underwear, such as BAGLY or the National Transgender Task Force to ensure all items get used.