FAQ- Sizing, Gaff Info

Processing Times:

Despite what listings may say, as of today (8/22/2022), our processing time is 6-10 weeks for orders. We are a one-person operation, so the same person who's typing this description is the same who will be answering emails, cutting, sewing, and processing your orders on top of their regular day job. 

The past few months have been absolutely bonkers with Life Stuff, but we're slowly working on getting caught back up so we can get processing times to be faster, since we know folks are excited for their orders. We Deeply appreciate everyone's patience with us during this, and all existing orders are in the works of being fulfilled in the order they were received. 

At this time, we reserve the right to close for new orders if we feel that too many are coming in and we won't be able to process in a timely manner. We will do our best to communicate these closures to our customers via our Facebook and Instagram feeds so folks have a chance to get orders in, however the window may be only an hour or two long at most at times. 

All this is to ensure that we can continue to provide you with the quality of products and service that you have come to expect from us and also to ensure that we do not burn out from running this business. 


Panties Sizing Chart:

US Size Measurements (Inches) LFR Size
0-4 32-36 XS
4-8 36-40 S
8-12 40-44 M
12-16 44-48 L
16-20 48-52 XL
20-24 52-56 2X
24-28 56-60 3X
28-32 60-64 4X

Bralettes Rough Sizing Chart:



How Do I order a Gaff?

Select which panties style/s you would like to order, and add the total number pair of panties you'd like together - So for example, if you're ordering 4 pairs of panties that you'd like as gaffs, order 4 of the Gaff Add-On to ensure that they're all the cut you want. 

Are all your Panties Styles Gaff Panties? i.e. Can I order a single pair of panties and have them be gaff cut?

Panties listings by themselves do not include the gaff- this is primarily to help us keep track of inventory better and know when to order the supplies to make more. Please make sure to include the Gaff Add On if you'd like them to be made this way. For wider cuts without the gaff-add on, please request this in the comments section of the order by saying "I'd like a wide cut with no gaff please"

How Does Sizing Work For Gaff Panties?

See the chart above for panties sizing, and order closest to your hip or clothing size as you can. Our gaff design is meant to work with light compression via the materials and methods used to construct them, so you don't need to order a size down to be comfortable.

What Is A Gaff Panty?

Gaff Panties are a specialized pair of underwear designed for folks with more "outie" genitalia that would like to have a lower visible profile. They are meant to assist with tucking, and can be worn by all sorts of different people. Everyone's bodies are different, and we do our best to make sure that a comfortable, gender-affirming option is available to everyone.

Can Cis Men Wear A Gaff?

Of Course! If you think that this is a style of underwear that you'd like to wear, there's nothing stopping you! We have plenty of customers all over the gender spectrum, and are extremely happy to do our best to help answer questions from folks who are anywhere on their journey.

I Don't Want To Tuck, But I have an "outie" and would like to wear LFR panties- how does this work?

Please let us know in the comments section of the order and we'll be happy to make your order in a wider cut so that you can comfortably wear panties without tucking! We support you in whatever you find most comfortable. <3

What's your return policy?
We accept unworn, new condition returns within one week of receipt at the customer's location. Trying something on over other clothes to confirm the fit is perfectly fine, but due to the sanitary nature of undergarments we need to be selective about what we take back- please contact us as soon as you're able to to discuss return options. 

Shipping Policy

We have two sales types on this site - Printed on Demand items (such as leggings and T shirts) and handmade to order items. The PoD items will ship within two weeks, and handmade to order is presently 6-10 weeks processing time followed by shipment in the final week. We know this is a lot slower than a lot of other retailers, but are working within our means to ensure that every purchase meets the standards our customers expect of us by now.