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Like our art? We offer licenses to use it for both personal and commercial use. 

Personal Use License

This includes using designs on gifts for friends and family, and is not for resale use in any way. This is best for individual people who like to create things with custom Le Fae Rouge graphics in their handmade printed designs. Small alterations to the design, such as text or graphics being added or removed are permitted at this tier.

Small Business Use License

This is the best option for small businesses looking to use our designs for resale. This is a limited license, and allows for reprinting our designs on:

 Fabric: for business use not for resale, up to 10 yards per license.
Homegoods: Limited to 50 uses per license
Not Permitted for stickers, magnets, T-shirts, or large scale (50+) manufactured printed items. 
Small alterations to the design, such as text or graphics being added or removed are permitted at this 
Commercial Use License 

This is the best option for large businesses that need to have an unlimited amount of uses of our artwork for whatever they desire. This license allows the purchaser to use the selected artwork for large scale manufacturing, fabric printing, and homegoods, and paper prints as needed. If our design is used in a hospitality setting such as a hotel or clinic, proper credit must be included at the bottom of the design crediting Le Fae rouge as the creator. This license expires 2 calendar years after the date of purchase and must be repurchased to continue selling items with our artwork commercially. 

No alterations are permitted at the Commercial Use License tier without negotiating with us the details first.

Any use of our artwork with modifications or alterations to the design on a Commercial Use License will be considered in violation of our license agreement and the license will be revoked and considered paid and used in full until the alterations have been appropriately negotiated with Le Fae Rouge before resuming use and repurchasing a new license for the artwork.

By purchasing a license for use of our artwork, you agree to abide by the above restrictions and if you are found in violation the license will be revoked and our contract considered fulfilled. Any use of the artwork following a license violation will accrue a fee of $50 per day per violation until a new contract is reached.


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